The club was formed in 2001. The Old Union, Stibb Cross was run by a chap called John, who was in to bikes, he and Norm were talking about the big crash on the old 377 road. Norm thought that it would be good to form a club where all were invited from 50cc riders to BOSS HOGS. The idea being that the inexperienced could tag along on ride outs without being left behind, and could hopefully gain some useful tips.

So Norm approached various organisations, and bike garages for sponsorship to launch the club, and get some air time on lantern fm. He got over 2,500 and the club was up and running. It was always Norm's intention to involve the police road safety officer, and Devon County Council road safety officer, and keep the biker firmly in the pubic eye, getting lots of publicity, and keep getting the sponsorship to be able to have quiz nights about bikes and road safety, but give away prizes i.e.: service/tyres/helmets/track days, etc. Unfortunately, Norm was unable to carry this through, so he ceased to be involved and subsequently John sold the pub.

The Pub was taken over by the Oliver family and fortunately, they saw the club as an established part of Stibb Cross and the pub. So bikers continue to be welcomed to The Old Union Inn.

23rd February 2009. The Old Union calls last orders for the final time and BAND starts a search for a new home and becomes a nomadic group of bikers for a while.

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Westcountry Bike Show 2007 club report as published in the North Devon Gazzette

A report on the Moorlanders MCC 2007 eggrun

Website report
March 2007 sees huge jump once more and a record 45,500 hits on the site making 88,800 for the year to date. The US military are still interested in our merry little band for some reason

Visitors domains/countries Domains/CountriesNetherlands, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, Non-Profit Organizations, Finland, Denmark, USA Educational, Norway, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, MB Germany, South Africa, Hungary, USA Military, MB Ireland, Norfolk Island, Greece, Info domains, Romania,Poland, India, Colombia, Russian Federation, Italy, Sweden, Japan, Portugal, Biz domains, United States, Bulgaria, Mexico, Belgium, USA Government gov, Slovak Republic, China, Philippines, Niue, Morocco, Indonesia, Thailand, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Chile, Yugoslavia, Austria, Estonia, Old style Arpanet arpa.

Charity Quiz night at the Old Union Inn Feb 2007 report...

B.A.N.D goes international
January 2007
saw the club website hit new highs and the widest spread audience yet. The website received around 14,000 hits from a huge range of countries. Apart from the UK and the USA, the visitors to our humble site come from the following countries;

France, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Hungary, Norfolk Island, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Mexico, Australia, Netherlands, India, US Educational, Argentina, New Zealand (Aotearoa), Lithuania, Finland, Bermuda, Japan, Czech Republic.

Most intriguingly, we have had visits from the US Military for the second month in succession. Perhaps they are following Stephan's rebuild project of his Yamaha R5 in order to help maintain some of their older vehicles?

Stephan's project and Ian's travel preparations are very keenly followed being the most popular, with 3rd & 4th popular being the gallery and humour pages.

Bike Show at Newton Abbot in 2006 was very wet but worth the trip. report..